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Rat and Mice called Rodent. Every where in world we can see the infestation of Rants and Mice. Rats and Mouses are too destructive Pest. Rats and Mouses has been destroying a lots of household properties, industrial products and agriculture products. Overall country wise agriculture production has been depended by Rodent infestation. Some time year or season rodent destroyed more than 15% agriculture product. For that Bangladesh Government has declare a Rodent Control Week at November in the year.

ANTI INSECT PEST CONTROL entomologist team has been finding and researching ultimate methods and treatment theories of Rodent Control. So that ANTI INSECT PEST CONTROL has various kinds of Treatment methods to Controlling Rat and Mice. ANTI INSECT PEST CONTROL Rat and Mice control techniques are most ECO friendly. Some kinds of Rat and Mice Control Techniques are 100% poison fee and some kinds are low poisoned treatment methods.

We have very Well Trained, Experience and Expert Rodent Controlling Technician team to ensuring best quality and 100% satisfaction of clients. ANTI INSECT PEST CONTROL do not compromise about client satisfaction and qualities. ANTI INSECT PEST CONTROL has been trying make the qualities above the international standard. We hope once people called quality mean ANTI INSECT PEST CONTROL quality .

Methods of Rodent Control

  • Rodent Glue Trap (100% Poison Free)
  • Zinc Phosphyde Treatment (Poisoned)
  • Rodent Metal Trap (100% Poison Free)
  • Customized Medicine Spraying (Poisoned)
  • Aluminum Phosphyde Treatment (Low Poisoned)

For Controlling Rat and Mice; Services frequencies are most important. Because Nobody can’t control the rodent infestation by a service in once. For the controlling rodent need continues services in a proper frequencies map. So always ANTI INSECT PEST CONTROL has been proper investing the infested properties before the services and take a most effective method and frequencies than start the service.

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